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  • Filters up to
  • 20 000 litres
  • of water
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ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane

The ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane filters out microbiological contamination from freshwater (rainwater, surface water (streams, rivers, lakes, ponds), groundwater (water tables, wells).
  • Up to 20,000 L of filtered water
  • More than 99.999999% effective against bacteria
  • More than 99.999% effective against viruses

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  • Durable

    20,000 litres / membrane
  • Replaceable

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  • 20 000 L
  • 0,01 MICRON


Designed without programmed obsolescence, the ORISA® purifier is equipped with a high-performance French ultrafiltration membrane that can be changed.

The ORISA® purifier ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit enables the water treatment system to be changed with a new membrane and the specific ORISA® tools needed to dismantle and reassemble the filter.

Contents of the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit

Ultrafiltration membrane

The ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane is made up of 4,200 polymer tubes that treat the water. During filtration, the low porosity of the ultrafiltration membrane fibres means that microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa, as well as microplastics and any particles larger than 0.01μm that are not dissolved in the water, are retained.


ORISA® tools are required to dismantle and reassemble the ORISA® water purifier if its ultrafiltration membrane needs replacing or if any parts are damaged, broken or non-functional.

Coding support

A disassembly support with integrated coding allows the operator to carry out maintenance or repairs correctly and reassemble the water purifier, limiting the risk of errors that could compromise its operation.

Water outlet hose 1m

The water outlet hose is a crystal hose that complies with current food standards to avoid contamination or alteration of the smell or taste of the filtered water. We recommend replacing the hose after a long period of use.

Information leaflet

The instructions show you how to replace the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane.

  • 3 Litres / minute by ultrafiltration

    ORISA®'s filtration speed means that water is available on demand, limiting recontamination of the water. For sustained use (over 20,000 litres of filtered water), we recommend replacing the membrane with our ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit.

  • 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane

    The performance of the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane filters out suspended matter (sediment, microplastics, etc.) and pathogenic micro-organisms (protozoa, Gardia cysts, oocysts) present in the water. This mechanical ultrafiltration retains the smallest particles, up to 5,000 times smaller than a human hair.

  • 99.999999% effectiveness on bacteria - LOG 8

    ORISA® ultrafiltration protects against the following diseases by eliminating bacteria: cholera (Vibrio cholerae), diarrhoea (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella, and Campylobacter), typhoid fever (Salmonella typhi), paratyphoid fever (Salmonella paratyphi), trachoma (Chlamydia trachomatis), acute or severe gastrointestinal infections and salmonellosis (escherichia coli (E. coli), salmonella, Campylobacter, vibrio parahaemolyticus), dysentery (Shigella), pneumonia such as legionellosis (legionella pneumophila).

  • 99.999% effectiveness against viruses - LOG 5

    ORISA® ultrafiltration combats viral diseases caused by water contaminated with hepatitis A, hepatitis E, the flavivirus responsible for dengue fever and viral gastrointestinal diseases.


Changing the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane


Each ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane can filter up to 20,000 litres of water. This estimate may vary depending on the frequency of use, the frequency of backwashing and the turbidity of the water to be filtered.

If you notice a reduction in the flow of water after carrying out maintenance operations (backwashing and disinfectant cleaning), without seeing any significant improvement, you can replace the ultrafiltration membrane in your water purifier.

In addition, if you carry out a safety test, also known as a "bubble test", which shows that the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane is not intact, you should replace the ultrafiltration membrane.

First replacement

To change the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane for the first time, you will need the ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit, consisting of a new membrane, the appropriate tools and the coding support to help you dismantle and reassemble the purifier.

Future replacement

After the first replacement, and ordering your ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit, you will receive all the tools you need to replace the membrane. You can therefore order it as a single unit.

How to replace the ORISA® membrane

  • Maintenance of the ultrafiltration system

    This video tutorial will help you install a new membrane so that your water treatment system has a safe and operational ultrafiltration membrane.

Frequently Asked Questions.

When should I replace the membrane in my ORISA® water purifier?

There are two indicators to help you decide whether or not to replace the ORISA® membrane.

When you notice a reduction in the flow of water, usually between 2 to 3L/min depending on the quality of water to be filtered, and if cleaning the pre-filter and backwashing does not restore the flow, you may want to consider replacing the membrane.

After carrying out a safety test, you will know whether or not the ultrafiltration membrane is still functional. If it is not, you can replace it by purchasing an ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit (for the first replacement) or a single ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane (from the second replacement).

How do I change the ultrafiltration membrane?

To change the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane, you need a new ultrafiltration membrane and the tools you need to dismantle and reassemble it.

Before carrying out this operation, you should watch our maintenance check-up tutorial to make sure that everything is in working order (condition of seals, levers, pre-filter, etc.).

Once this operation has been carried out, you can follow our disassembly - reassembly tutorial, then our membrane change tutorial.

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