Our mission:

Giving each of us the power to be resilient in the face of the water crisis

David Monnier and Anthony Cailleau, a former emergency humanitarian with a passion for innovative projects, founded Fonto de vivo in 2017. They have put together a team of committed and agile talent in France and internationally. Together, they aim to combat water insecurity in humanitarian contexts by providing autonomous solutions to NGOs.

In 2023, access to drinking water is still not a universal reality for more than 2.2 billion people around the world. This vital resource is dwindling and its availability to all is even more uncertain. Developed countries are also faced with drinking water supply problems, due in particular to climate change, which is responsible for increasing drought, the depletion of water tables, and water wastage, leading to cuts, restrictions and shortages that can be short-lived.

The ORISA® freshwater purifier has been designed in response to specifications drawn up with major French and international NGOs to provide a solution to this vital issue.

This helped to define strict water quality criteria and subsequently to obtain the "full protection *** (3/3)" award from the WHO' s Home Water Treatment Technology Assessment Programme . The Institut Pasteur has demonstrated through laboratory tests a performance of up to +99.999% (LOG 5) for viruses and +99.999999% (LOG 8) for bacteria and protozoa. Our water treatment equipment is reliable, easy to use and provides a high-performance solution for gaining autonomy and enabling sustainable, reasonable and shared use of water. Thanks to our autonomous freshwater treatment solutions, everyone can enjoy healthy water, free from microbiological contamination, while limiting the systematic use of tap water or unsafe water. This will enable them to meet their various needs: drinking, preparing food, washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. Deployed for humanitarian purposes since 2021, more than 20,000 ORISA® water purifiers are in daily use in 50 countries. It is estimated that more than 200,000 people are impacted by our solutions, living with greater dignity. Since 2020, we have seen an increase in demand from private individuals as a result of the Covid epidemic, which was exacerbated by the war in Ukraine and intensified by the drought in the summer of 2022. Since August 2022, more than 1,000 individuals with survivalist, farsighted, autonomous and nomadic profiles have purchased our water filtration equipment from our online shop and our network of resellers.

A team committed
to healthy water for all

  • David MONNIER

    Chairman & co-founder

    Background in international law and international humanitarian action. 5 years as a business developer in water filtration. 15 years of emergency humanitarian missions with international NGOs.

    User autonomy, including water purification, is a major issue.

  • Anthony CAILLEAU

    Managing Director and co-founder

    Professional background in innovative project management and entrepreneurship. 7 years in research and international development, with water access projects in Latin America.

    "Adapting filtration technologies to individual needs and making them affordable, to meet the social and ecological challenges of our time."

  • Cesar ARANDA

    LATAM representative

    Over 25 years' commercial experience as a state supplier. Development of projects for vulnerable populations: food sovereignty and security, renewable energies and drinking water.

    "Managing and facilitating the gradual expansion of UNIVERSAL access to water, with autonomy and dignity, incorporating alternative and environmentally-friendly technologies."

  • Virginie PIFFETEAU

    Administrative Manager
    Sales & Office Manager
    International Business Management

    15 years in export sales administration. 6 years as an expatriate on several continents.

    It's fulfilling to "make a difference" by helping people in need through your work!

  • Antoine ROBIN

    Methods and supply chain manager

    Industrial systems engineering course. 2 years in the industrialisation of maize research processes. 1 year as a methods engineer in the automotive industry.

    Enabling autonomy and development for all through access to drinking water.

  • Isabel LODER

    Sales Manager

    MSc. in Management, EMLYON Business School.
    7 years of international business development and country management.

    Putting beneficiaries at the heart of our approach: adapting our solutions to each context and working with committed partners.


    R&D and Innovation Project

    Manager General engineering degree, with an affinity for mechanical design and environmental issues. Mechanical Test and Validation Engineer for 4 years in a packaging development start-up.

    Imagining and developing sober, robust and useful products to preserve and enhance a vital resource.

  • Lucile LEBASTARD

    Trainee in marketing and communication

    University and Technological Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration Management with an option in Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

    It's rewarding to be able to communicate and raise awareness about the vital importance of access to clean, safe water for everyone.

  • Camille HALLEREAU

    Sales Administration Manager

    International Trade and Development
    3 years in export in the Indian Ocean.

    "Helping to provide drinking water to communities that need it gives meaning to my work."


    Cross-functional project manager and CSR manager on sandwich course

    Philosophy and Ethics.
    Management and Business Administration.

    "Working with a team dedicated to an essential mission: helping to bring drinking water to where it's needed. We do this with great consideration for the people who use our purifiers."

  • Timothé ALILI

    Humanitarian Partnerships Officer (sandwich course)

    Business Development Manager career path
    1 year as a business developer in the solar energy sector.

    "Providing water is the most precious form of aid, and it is crucial to help guarantee access to drinking water for all."

  • Alan LUCAS

    Work-linked marketing and communications manager

    Bachelor's degree in marketing and communication and preparation for a master's degree in communication.
    Trainee then work-study student at fonto de vivo since 2023.

    "It's motivating to contribute to universal access to clean water and to make as many people as possible aware of the issues surrounding this rare resource."

Our values

Our commitment to water treatment and the essential needs of humanity.

  • Responsability

    Responsibility is a core value for Fonto de vivo. It reflects our commitment to ensuring access to drinking water for everyone, everywhere. We work every day for social justice throughout the world. Water is a precious resource that must be shared equitably

  • Partnership

    Partnership permeates everything we do, from the creation of Fonto de vivo, to the design of our water filtration products, to their deployment in the field. We work alongside NGOs and local organisations to provide solutions to waterborne diseases around the world.

  • Quality

    Quality is a founding value of our products and services. We develop effective and efficient solutions with quality and sustainability as our guiding principles.

Humanitarian aid: putting water-borne diseases to the test

ORISA® has been designed using a low-tech approach, with performance as the watchword, in response to specifications drawn up with major French and international NGOs: Doctors without Borders, the French Red Cross, Solidarités International, Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Terre des Hommes Lausanne, Premières Urgences.

Our water treatment, a guarantee of quality for all

This commitment to humanitarian aid, in both extreme emergency and development situations, demonstrates the reliability of our equipment and its effectiveness in the fight against water-borne diseases throughout the world. The equipment can be used by humanitarian beneficiaries to enhance their dignity, or by private individuals in search of autonomy.

ORISA® production in France

Producing ORISA® entirely in France demonstrates our dedication to quality and respect for the environment. By making this choice, we are determined to guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products while actively contributing to reducing our carbon footprint.

This approach perfectly aligns our corporate vision with our responsibility to preserve our planet and its resources, because we are convinced that every gesture counts in the fight against climate change. Manufacturing the ORISA® water purifier in France creates significant value by encouraging local production and supporting the national economy. Thanks to this initiative, not only are jobs being maintained, but French know-how is also being promoted, reinforcing France's reputation for quality and expertise in the field of technology.

Choosing ORISA® means supporting an eco-responsible initiative while benefiting from a high-quality water purifier, manufactured with care and expertise in France.