Gaining in autonomy with ORISA®

La moindre goutte d’eau potable épargnée sera utile

In search of autonomy to filter water

Imagine being able to filter water and eliminate microbiological impurities! Autonomous homes, self-sufficiency, energy savings, food self-sufficiency and why not be even more autonomous and filter water?

Be more autonomous and less dependent on the water network

Are you collecting rainwater, do you have a water source on your property, a well or are you not connected to the drinking water network? If you are concerned about water restrictions and want to preserve water, these are the situations and needs that our customers encounter. It was the design, performance and operation of our water filter that led them to choose our ORISA® water purifier.

J'achète ORISA®
Pump, Fill, Drink

An instant, simple and portable system for filtering fresh water

ORISA® water filter

Pump, Fill, Drink

The autonomous, mobile and durable water purifier.

Up to 3 litres of filtered water in just 1 minute


How does it work?

A self-contained filtration system

ORISA® works manually through instant filtration. It eliminates microbiological contamination in the water, without electricity, chemicals or gravity delay. It works immediately, thanks to the pumping handle.

A mobile water filter

ORISA® is lightweight because it has no filtered water storage tank and is easy to move: 2kg and less than 50cm long. So you can transport it easily.

A simple water purifier

It's easy to start up, use and maintain, thanks to a low-tech design, simple operation and tutorials to guide you through its use and maintenance. What's more, it has a unique backwash system.

The quality of French manufacturing

A water filter 100% made in France! ORISA® is the only water filter designed and manufactured in France. It is certified Origine France Garantie, a guarantee of quality in the world of water filters.

Adapt to your equipment to be more water independent

Thanks to a water filter that gives you greater autonomy when it comes to filtering water, you can increase your chances of recovering water and drinking quality water that is free from microbiological contamination.

You can use ORISA to complement your home and garden equipment such as:

  • Gutters, downpipes and accessories
  • Buried or semi-buried water tank
  • Rainwater harvesters
  • Well or borehole

For example, you can:

  • Filter rainwater collected in a cistern or water reclaimer
  • Filter your well water
  • Have clean water in an area that is not connected to the mains
  • Reduce your reliance on tap water.
Preserving water

Filtering water to preserve resources without compromising all your needs

You no longer want the mains water supply to be your only source of purified water. You want to make better use of water resources to preserve them and use filtered water for your secondary needs such as preparing your food, washing your fruit and vegetables, providing water for your pets, etc. We need water in so many ways and we are totally dependent on it. But we can make better use of it to limit our impact on this vital and dwindling resource.

Purifying water for better quality

Viruses, bacteria, protozoa, pathogens, microbiological pollution and microplastics can put our bodies to the test. That's why our water filtration system with its high-performance ultrafiltration membrane is a tool that protects your health by sparing you the illnesses transmitted by unsafe water.

Do you collect rainwater and want to filter it?

An accessory for remote water suction

The ORISA® remote suction system is easy to install on the water purifier. While pumping with the filter handle, it enables water to be collected from a water tank such as a water collector or rainwater tank, whether raised, buried or semi-buried, so there's no need to fill several buckets with water and immerse ORISA® in them.

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