The investment fund GO CAPITAL via LITTOINVEST, supports impact companies linked to the blue economy.

Crédit Agricole's AVI investment fund supports innovative companies in the Loire-Atlantique-Vendée region.

Wealth and asset management bank INDOSUEZ enabled Mrs. Majoie, already personally invested in water access in Africa and Asia through an NGO that digs wells equipped with hand pumps, to acquire a stake in the company. Each of them made a first investment in 2019 to support finalization of the product's R&D, industrialization and commercial launch. In a second round of financing, these different actors decided to reinvest in the company to support its international and B-to-C growth.

Our industrial investor

A German group that has been active in the international water treatment sector for several decades, with around fifteen companies. KF group invested in a second round of financing in 2023 to support the company's growth internationally and in the B-to-C market.

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