Water, the essence of life

Water is the primary need of human beings, and our reliable, easy-to-use water treatment equipment matches your lifestyle, activities and needs.

  • Autonomy

    You're looking for autonomy and you're looking for a stand-alone water filtration system so that you're not just dependent on the water network.

    I want more autonomy
  • Itinerance

    You're travelling in a van, camper van or motorhome and you're looking for a mobile water treatment system that's easy to take with you.

    I travel with serenity
  • Pension

    You want to protect yourself from the consequences of drought and be able to filter water yourself in the event of water restrictions and shortages.

    Equipping myself for shortages
  • Survival

    Are you looking for an easy-to-use, portable water filtration system to anticipate crises and ensure your survival?

    Completing my survival equipment
  • Humanitarian

    You are an NGO, an association or a public institution looking for an innovative and sustainable solution for water filtration.

    I'm distributing ORISA