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  • Filter 3 L/min
  • Autonomous
  • Sustainable
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ORISA® water filter made in France

Self-contained, durable water filtration equipment that filters out microbiological contamination from freshwater (rainwater, surface water (streams, rivers, lakes, ponds), groundwater (water tables, wells).
Over 99.999% effective
  • Filters out bacteria and viruses
  • Filters out micro-organisms and parasites
  • Filters out protozoa
  • Filters out micro-plastics

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  • Guaranteed French Origin

    100% certified
  • Easy to transport

    2kg for less than 50cm
  • Filtered fresh water

    + 99.999 %
  • Durable

    20,000 litres / membrane
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Contents of the ORISA® purifier

Food hose

The water outlet pipe is a 50cm crystal pipe, which complies with current food standards to prevent any contamination or alteration of the smell or taste of the filtered water.

Bucket hook

The ORISA® bucket holder is a part that enables the water purifier to be fixed to the wall of a bucket or container for greater stability.


The ORISA® water purifier measures : 42.5 x 17 x 12 cm, weighing 2.1 kg. Small, light and robust, it's easy to transport.

Manual filtration

ORISA® filtration is 100% autonomous. All you need is elbow grease. All you have to do is pump with the handle and ORISA® filters the water.

Ultrafiltration membrane

The ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane is made up of 4,200 polymer tubes that treat the water. During filtration, the low porosity of the ultrafiltration membrane fibres mechanically retains micro-organic contamination.


The ORISA® 50μm pre-filter ensures pre-filtration of the water to be treated. It protects the ultrafiltration membrane by preventing larger particles from entering the ORISA® water purifier's filtration system.

  • 3 Liters / minute by ultrafiltration.

    ORISA®'s filtration speed means that water is available on demand, limiting recontamination of the water. For sustained use (over 20,000 litres of filtered water), we recommend replacing the membrane with our ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit.

  • 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane

    The performance of the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane filters out suspended matter (sediment, microplastics, etc.) and pathogenic micro-organisms (protozoa, Gardia cysts, oocysts) present in the water. This mechanical ultrafiltration retains the smallest particles, up to 5,000 times smaller than a human hair.

  • 99.999999% effective against bacteria - LOG 8

    ORISA® ultrafiltration protects against the following diseases by eliminating bacteria: cholera (Vibrio cholerae), diarrhoea (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella, and Campylobacter), typhoid fever (Salmonella typhi), paratyphoid fever (Salmonella paratyphi), trachoma (Chlamydia trachomatis), acute or severe gastrointestinal infections and salmonellosis (escherichia coli (E. coli), salmonella, campylobacter, vibrio parahaemolyticus), dysentery (Shigella), pneumonia such as legionellosis (legionella pneumophila).

  • 99.999% effectiveness against viruses - LOG 5

    ORISA® ultrafiltration combats viral diseases caused by water contaminated with hepatitis A, hepatitis E, the flavivirus responsible for dengue fever and viral gastrointestinal diseases.

Health & Safety

Why choose ORISA® as a stand-alone water purifier?

The water is purified of microbiological contamination and is fit for consumption, 99.999999% of bacteria and 99.999% of viruses are retained mechanically, without electricity and without recourse to chemicals, in record time.

To achieve a higher level of filtration and retain chemical pollutants such as PFAS, nitrates and phosphates contained in pesticides, as well as drug residues and even heavy metals, we are developing an additional filtration module. To find out when it's available, sign up for our newsletter now.

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    All our purifiers come with clear, detailed technical documentation. The ORISA® purifier is a 100% French design. Designed with a low-tech approach, it filters water with little effort and no electricity.

    Designed without programmed obsolescence, ORISA® is certified Efficient Solution Solar Impulse.


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Integrated cleaning patented.

Express maintenance

Backwashing cleans the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane. Over the course of use, the impurities collected end up in the pores, which can become clogged. So we've developed a cleaning system that allows you to pressurise the purifier and then reverse the direction of water flow, so that the pores are free of these particles. This operation, which takes just a few seconds, extends the life of the ultrafiltration membrane.

Membrane renewal

To ensure that the system lasts as long as possible, the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane can be replaced as soon as a reduction in water output is noted, despite regular backwashing. We make this possible with our ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit (consisting of a UF membrane and the necessary tools) and our video tutorials. After the first replacement, you can buy an ultrafiltration membrane individually.

  • Recovering water

    ORISA® purifies rainwater, surface water (streams, rivers, lakes, ponds) and groundwater (water tables, wells) from microbiological contamination.

  • Pump to filter water

    ORISA® ultrafiltration is instantaneous, simply by manual pumping. It can be made on demand according to your needs.

  • Drink your water with peace of mind

    Once filtered, the water can be consumed in complete safety. It won't harm your health through microbiological contamination.

  • Clean in 10s

    The durability and performance of your ORISA® water purifier are the result of regular maintenance. That's why we've developed a backwashing system that's quick and easy to use.

We have a bank of video tutorials to help you get started, use, maintain and repair your ORISA® water purifier. Let us guide you!

Resilience and autonomy

Designed to handle the toughest conditions.

Our water filtration equipment helps users to achieve greater autonomy in the most complex and remote situations. Freedom and dignity open up to them.

Humanitarian commitment

100 ORISA® purchased = 1 ORISA® donated for humanitarian aid.

To help vulnerable populations, we are giving away one ORISA® deployed in a humanitarian context for every 100 ORISA® purchased for use by private individuals.
This programme is aimed at humanitarian projects in the form of donations of purifiers. Together, we are helping to ensure that everyone has universal access to clean water.
NGOs and associations, share your humanitarian projects linked to access to water with us to receive ORISA®!

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Tested, certified and recognised performance and filtration capacity.

Because quality is important to us, our products comply with the highest filtration standards and are tested and certified by expert bodies.

  • Effectiveness tested by the Pasteur Institute

    Effectiveness tested by the Pasteur Institute, which states that ORISA® filters freshwater optimally: biological contamination eliminated and water filtered of all suspended matter. Viruses: +99.999% (LOG 5), Bacteria and protozoa: +99.999999% (LOG 8)

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  • NSF compliance

    ORISA® has been designed to the highest filtration standards to ensure the highest filtration performance. Its capacities comply with NSF standards 231 and 248 relating to water treatment protocols.

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  • French know-how and manufacturing

    Made in Vendée and certified Origine France Garantie by the Association Pro France, which certifies strict compliance with the health, social and environmental standards for which French manufacturing is renowned.

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  • Solar Impulse certified solution

    ORISA® is certified Efficient Solutions by the Solar Impulse Foundation, which recognises sustainability and efficiency in the fight against global warming in line with the United Nations' MDG 6.

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Limited edition

An eco-designed part

Our new ORISA® water purifier - ValorYeu Edition features a bucket hook made from marine waste: recycled fishing nets.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of water can I filter with ORISA®?

ORISA® filters out microbiological contamination of freshwater:

  • rainwater stored in a cistern or water collector,
  • surface water (streams, rivers, lakes, ponds)
  • groundwater (water tables, wells)

Can I replace the ultrafiltration membrane?

Yes, ORISA® is designed to last. You can replace the ultrafiltration membrane yourself using our ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit and our maintenance tutorials.

When should I replace the ultrafiltration membrane?

Each ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane is designed to filter around 20,000 litres of water. It is the flow rate of up to 3 L of water per minute that serves as an indicator of the integrity of the ultrafiltration membrane. A reduced flow rate indicates the need to replace the filtration system. If you have any doubts about the filtration performance of your purifier, a safety test can be carried out to tell you whether the filtration is still operational.

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Worldwide distribution over 45 Countries.