Our ORISA® video tutorials

Discover the ORISA® tutorials to follow the recommendations for use, care and maintenance of the purifier. We recommend that all users follow these recommendations to the letter.

In this way, the purifier 's filtration performance is preserved and its use is extended over time. All the tutorials are available for consultation, free download or on our Fonto de vivo YouTube channel.

Before using the ORISA® purifier

  • ORISA® - Tutoriel précautions d’emploi

    À consulter avant la première utilisation
  • ORISA® - Tutorial for fitting the bucket hook fixing wheel

    To be viewed before installing the purifier

To use ORISA® and carry out backwashing

  • ORISA® - Ultrafiltration membrane pumping and backwashing tutorial

    To be carried out after each use

  • ORISA® - How backwashing works

    To be consulted before the first backwash

To carry out ORISA® maintenance

  • ORISA® - Chemical cleaning tutorial

    To be carried out every month or at least twice a year and before storage

  • ORISA® - Prefilter cleaning and piston seal replacement tutorial

    To be carried out after each use (pre-filter), 1 to 2 times a year or in the event of loss of pressure (seals).
  • ORISA® - Safety test tutorial

    To be carried out 1 or 2 times a year

To replace the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane

  • ORISA® - Checking tutorial

    To be consulted before carrying out any maintenance operation
  • ORISA® - Disassembly and reassembly tutorial

    Help with disassembly and reassembly
  • ORISA® - Ultrafiltration membrane replacement tutorial

    Replacing the used ultrafiltration membrane with a new one

To use the ORISA® purifier accessories

  • ORISA® - Remote prefiltration

  • ORISA® - Remote pre-filtration assembly tutorial

ORISA® tutorials are available in several languages.

French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic.