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ORISA® remote prefiltration

Remote pre-filtration allows users to collect water nearby without immersing the purifier in the water source. Because the water to be filtered is extracted remotely, it can be drawn from different water sources: a body of water, a source that is difficult to access or a water reserve.
  • Sucking up water without immersing ORISA®
  • Different water sources (stream, cistern)
  • Water suction offset of 2.5m
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  • French origin

    Made in Vendée
  • Easy to transport

    2kg for less than 50cm
  • Filtered fresh water

    + 99.999 %
  • Durable

    20,000 litres / membrane
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  • Stretch of water
  • Rainwater
  • Tank
  • Water recuperator
  • Raised tank
  • Underground tank

Contents of the ORISA® remote prefilter.

ORISA® base

The ORISA® base can be used to attach the remote pre-filtration unit for pumping without submerging the purifier.

2 clamps

The hose clamps are used to secure the hose.

Water inlet hose

The water inlet hose is a braided PVC hose that complies with food standards to prevent any contamination or alteration to the smell or taste of the filtered water. With a length of 2.5 m, it can be used to offset the water intake.

Information leaflet

The instructions show you how to install remote pre-filtration.

Remote pre-filtration adapter

This part is used to connect the water pre-filter to the ORISA® purifier.

Remote pre-filter support

The remote pre-filter support enables the pre-filter to be positioned at the end of the pipe to maintain good pre-filtration of the water.

Pre-filter gasket

A pre-filter seal ensures that the water inlet is watertight when the pre-filter is pumped.

  • ORISA® remote pre-filtration

    ORISA® remote pre-filtration allows users to collect water nearby without immersing the purifier in the water source. The water to be filtered is drawn in remotely and can be drawn from a variety of water sources: a body of water, a source that is difficult to access or a water reserve.

  • Prefiltration and ultrafiltration

    Remote pre-filtration allows water to be filtered from any source without immersing ORISA®. Both the pre-filter and the ultrafiltration membrane retain their efficiency.

  • Water stored or nearby

    The remote suction unit can be used to filter water from a cistern or tank. It can also be used to filter water from a raised or buried reservoir. The suction differential between the purifier and the remote pre-filter is 1.5m. Beyond this point, the flow rate is reduced and pumping resistance is greater.

  • Quick installation

    Installation of the remote pre-filter is quick and easy, thanks to the assembly instructions.

  • Install

    Start by installing the remote pre-filtration unit on the ORISA® purifier using the instructions supplied.

  • Immerse

    Once the prefiltration unit has been installed, it can be immersed in the water source to be filtered.

  • Pump

    Once the remote pre-filtration unit has been submerged, all that's left to do is pump the water through the filter.

  • Consuming

    The water is now filtered, so you can drink it with peace of mind.

Assembling the remote pre-filtration unit

Frequently asked questions

Are the filtration capacities the same with remote pre-filtration?

Remote pre-filtration retains the same filtration characteristics as when conventionally used in a bucket, (LOG 5) and LOG 8 (bacteria) with a flow rate of up to 3L/min.

How do I maintain an ORISA® water purifier with pre-filtration?

Maintenance of the ORISA® water purifier with remote pre-filtration is identical to that for conventional use. In the same way, we recommend that you carry out the backwashing operation, which will ensure that the pores in the ultrafiltration membrane are cleaned and unclogged.

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