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ORISA® pre-filter

The ORISA® pre-filter is located at the base of the purifier and protects the ultrafiltration membrane by pre-filtering the water to be treated.
  • Ensures pre-filtration of the water to be treated
  • Retains impurities greater than 50 microns
  • Protects the ultrafiltration membrane
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  • Effective pre-filtration

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Optimum pre-filtration

The ORISA® pre-filter pre-filters the water to be treated. It protects the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane by preventing the largest particles from entering the ORISA® water purifier's filtration system, and is essential when in use.

By retaining impurities greater than 50μm, it extends the life of the ultrafiltration membrane and limits the clogging of its hollow fibres.

The ORISA® pre-filter must be maintained regularly using the pre-filter brush to ensure a satisfactory flow rate thanks to optimum water suction.

How do I clean the prefilter?

  • How do I clean the prefilter?

    To clean the ORISA® prefilter, use the prefilter brush with its soft bristles. It prevents damage to the prefilter screen.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How often should I clean the prefilter?

We recommend that you clean the pre-filter very regularly. To maintain a satisfactory flow rate, it must be free of any natural deposits that may cling to the sieve. We supply a soft brush with your ORISA® water purifier to ensure that it is cleaned safely, without damaging the filter screen, and effectively, by removing agglomerated impurities.

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