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Water outlet hose (food) - 1m

The water outlet hose is essential for the correct use of the ORISA® water purifier and the remote pre-filter to collect the filtered water. If the original hose is lost or in poor condition, it must be replaced.
  • Food standards
  • No change in taste
  • No change in smell
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  • Replacement hose

  • Length 1m

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A hose in perfect condition

The water outlet hose is a crystal hose that complies with current food standards to prevent any contamination or alteration of the odour or taste of the filtered water.

The water outlet hose is essential for the correct use of the ORISA® water purifier and remote pre-filtration.

If you feel that the water outlet hose supplied with ORISA® is too short for your installation, a 1m-long hose is available.

What's more, this length allows you to benefit from a stock of water outlet pipes in advance, by cutting them up when you need to replace them.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Why do I have to replace the water outlet hose?

    We recommend that you handle the water outlet pipe as little as possible. This protects it from bacterial growth. In this way, you ensure that the water is not recontaminated after filtration, as it passes through the water outlet pipe. If you find that the hose is in poor condition, we recommend replacing it to ensure impeccable filtration quality. If you have 1 m of hose, you can cut it so that you have several new replacement hoses. We recommend a hose length of between 25 and 35 cm.

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