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ORISA® spare parts pack

The ORISA® water purifier has been designed without programmed obsolescence and can be refurbished as part of a sustainable and responsible approach.
  • In the event of loss of a part
  • In the event of breakage
  • Optimum durability
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  • A sustainable approach

  • French origin

    Made in Vendée
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Contents of the ORISA® purifier

ORISA® handle

The ORISA® handle is essential for pumping and therefore filtering water. It is ergonomic and easy to grip. It's also functional, with a reserve of seals at the top. At the base, there is space for two seals* to ensure the system is watertight.

*not supplied

Fixing knob

The ORISA® bucket hook fixing knob is used to fix the bucket hook to a container to hold ORISA®. It is assembled with the bucket hook using a nut supplied to stabilise the installation.

Pre-filter gasket

The pre-filter gasket seals the water inlet when the pre-filter is pumped.

Pre-filter 50μm (microns)

The ORISA® pre-filter ensures pre-filtration of the water to be treated. It protects the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane by preventing the largest particles from entering the ORISA® water purifier's filtration system.

Its presence during use is essential. By retaining impurities larger than 50µm, it extends the life of the ultrafiltration membrane and limits the clogging of its hollow fibres. The ORISA® pre-filter must be maintained regularly using the pre-filter brush to guarantee a satisfactory flow rate thanks to optimum water suction.

Water outlet hose 1m

The water outlet hose is a crystal-clear hose that complies with current food standards to prevent any contamination or alteration of the odour or taste of the filtered water.

The water outlet hose is essential for the correct use of the ORISA® water purifier and remote pre-filtration. If the original hose is lost or in poor condition, it must be replaced.

Bucket hook

The ORISA® bucket holder is a part that enables the water purifier to be fixed to the wall of a bucket or container. This part is complementary to its bucket attachment knob. Together, they provide greater stability for optimum comfort when pumping.

Pre-filter brush

As you use your ORISA® water purifier, the pre-filter will pre-filter the water and may become clogged, reducing the amount of water drawn in for filtration. Regular maintenance with a soft brush is recommended to limit this natural clogging. The bamboo brush removes impurities safely without damaging the prefilter.

Information leaflet

These instructions will help you replace the parts in your ORISA® purifier.

  • Designed without programmed obsolescence

    The ORISA® water purifier can be refurbished as part of a sustainable approach.

  • No tools required

    The ORISA® spare parts pack makes it possible to replace damaged, broken or lost removable parts without tools.

  • French origin

    The ORISA® spare parts pack is made up of parts designed and manufactured in France.

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