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Food-grade bucket with lid

In its classic and ideal use, the ORISA® water purifier is placed in a container filled with water to be filtered.
  • 20L storage capacity
  • Lid limits particle deposition
  • Ideal for fixing ORISA®
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  • Optimum stability

  • Light

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A container for filtering water

This food-grade bucket has a storage capacity of 20 litres.

Its lid ensures that the water to be treated is kept as clear as possible by limiting the deposit of particles, leaves, soil or other residues.

What's more, its size means that ORISA® can be held in suspension when the water purifier is attached to the bucket. This means that particles that settle naturally to the bottom of the bucket are not sucked up during filtration.

The handle makes it easy to carry the bucket, into which ORISA® can be fixed using the bucket-hanger fixing knob.

How do I fix ORISA® in a bucket?

  • How do I fix ORISA® in a bucket?

    To stabilise ORISA® when pumping into a bucket, attach it using the ORISA® bucket attachment knob.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this bucket perfect?

When ORISA® is attached to the bucket, the purifier remains high above the bottom of the bucket thanks to the size of the bucket, preventing the larger particles that settle after the water has settled from being sucked up.

Can I use another bucket?

Yes, the bucket hook is compatible with all containers. For example, if you want to save space in a van or camper van, you can use a retractable bucket. Just make sure you use the clearest water possible.

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