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ORISA® bucket hook fixing knob - ValorYeu Edition

The ORISA® bucket hook fixing knob is used to fix the bucket hook to a container to hold ORISA®. It is assembled with the bucket hook using a nut supplied to stabilise the installation.
  • Recycled fishing nets
  • Optimum support
  • Made in France
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  • Circular economy

  • Reducing waste

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An eco-designed part

This piece is made from recycled fishing nets collected on the Atlantic coast. They are left in their raw state, cleaned by hand and then recycled locally.

This circular economy approach helps to reclaim plastic and limit the amount of microplastics in the oceans, while giving the material a useful second life.

How do I fix ORISA® in a bucket?

  • How do I fix ORISA® in a bucket?

    To stabilise ORISA® when pumping into a bucket, attach it using the ORISA® bucket attachment knob.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the bucket hook fixing knob

The ORISA® bucket attachment knob is made from recycled fishing nets and can be fixed to a bucket by means of a nut to keep ORISA® levitating in the bucket. In this way, the particles deposited at the bottom of the bucket are not sucked up during pumping.

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