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ORISA® bucket hook

The ORISA® bucket holder is a part that enables the water purifier to be fixed to the wall of a bucket or container. This part complements the bucket attachment knob. Together, they provide greater stability for optimum comfort when pumping.
  • Fixing system
  • Hanging the filter in a bucket
  • Tightening by knob
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  • Optimum support

  • Pumping comfort

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Greater pumping comfort

The ORISA® bucket attachment allows the water purifier to be fixed in a bucket. This improves stability and pumping comfort.

In particular, it makes it easier to suspend ORISA® in a container. It can then be immersed in the water without sinking to the bottom of the bucket.

This avoids sucking up the larger particles in the water, which naturally settle to the bottom of the bucket.

The ORISA® bucket hook is sold without the knob and nut needed to attach it to the bucket.

How do I fix ORISA® in a bucket?

  • How do I fix ORISA® in a bucket?

    To stabilise ORISA® when pumping into a bucket, attach it using the ORISA® bucket attachment knob.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to use a bucket hook?

The bucket holder keeps ORISA® suspended in a bucket or other container. In this way, the purifier is not deposited at the bottom and does not suck up particles that settle there and would put extra strain on the membrane.

Is the fixing knob supplied with the bucket hook?

No, the bucket hook is sold separately. You can buy the bucket hook knob for the complete attachment.

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