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ORISA® pre-filter brush

As you use your ORISA® water purifier, the pre-filter will pre-filter the water and may show deposits on its surface, reducing the amount of water drawn in for filtration. It should therefore be cleaned frequently.
  • Bamboo brush
  • Soft bristles
  • Optimised water suction
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  • Cleaning the prefilter

  • Effective pre-filtration

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An impeccable pre-filter

Regular maintenance with a soft brush is recommended to limit natural clogging.

The bamboo brush safely removes impurities without damaging the prefilter.

How do I clean the prefilter?

  • How do I clean the prefilter?

    To clean the ORISA® prefilter, use the prefilter brush with its soft bristles. It prevents damage to the prefilter screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the ORISA® brush the best choice?

The ORISA® brush is made of soft bristles. So brushing your pre-filter with it won't damage the pre-filtration screen. You will therefore maintain effective pre-filtration, preserving your ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane. We strongly advise against using a brush with hard bristles, which would damage the pre-filtration screen.

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