A commitment to solidarity in favour of access to water

Working for the health and education of children in Ethiopia

Access to clean drinking water is a major humanitarian issue for every child. As well as being kept away from water-borne diseases that can have serious consequences, children who have access to quality water to meet their primary needs have access to better living conditions overall. Health is a key factor in a child's ability to attend school.

This is why Un Enfant Par La Main develops programmes focusing on education, health and humanitarian development, with particular attention to the issue of water. It is in favour of this right to education that Capgemini's commitment and the humanitarian actions of Un Enfant Par La Main have been coordinated.

So that, more than good health, the children concerned by this programme will be inclined to learn, grow and develop fully.

Water purification to eliminate water-borne diseases

Although ORISA® purifiers are very simple to use, it is important to support local partners so that they can easily deploy these autonomous water treatment systems to the beneficiaries and children involved in this programme. This human approach is part of a local support programme with a strong desire to make access to water easier on a daily basis over the long term. ChildFund Ethiopia has carried out on-site demonstrations with local partners to help beneficiaries adopt the water filter.

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Providing training to make it even easier to get started

  • Installing purifiers

  • Water filtration

  • Result of water after filtration with ORISA®.

  • Demonstration

  • ORISA® beneficiaries

  • Clean water - dirty water test

Supporting the actions of associations fundamentally committed to children

Un Enfant Par La Main and Child fund Ethiopia

Founded in 1990, Un Enfant par la Main (UEPLM) is an international charity

It works with disadvantaged children to help them become independent, responsible adults. Its large-scale humanitarian action covers 18 countries in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Its activities focus on education, health, nutrition, access to water and agricultural and economic development.

Un Enfant Par La Main is accredited by the Comité de la charte du don en confiance and is a member of the ChildFund Alliance network.

ChildFund Ethiopia is an international NGO that has been involved in socio-economic development for rural and urban communities in Ethiopia for over 50 years. It provides maternal and child health services, nutrition, child protection, access to early childhood development services and support for orphans.


Capgemini, a French digital services company, is implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and is once again making a commitment in favour of access to drinking water. By deploying sustainable water treatment systems, it is taking concrete action to promote the dignity and autonomy of beneficiaries, who can thus preserve their health and live in decent conditions.

"Access to water remains a major problem. We bring autonomy to people whether they are in emergency situations or in humanitarian development "

David Monnier, former humanitarian, Chairman and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, your point of contact for humanitarian programmes dedicated to access to clean water...

"Adapting filtration technologies to individual needs and making them affordable, to meet the social and environmental challenges of our time".

Anthony Cailleau, French representative for projects in Colombia, Managing Director and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, contact for development aid and international cooperation.