The ORISA® water purifier promotes access to drinking water in health centres thanks to Échanges France Cameroun

The association Échanges France Cameroun was founded on 20 February 1990. It was founded by 4 former Cameroonians and a Cameroonian emigrant who was its president, Jean-Claude Mathieu. The aim of the association is to help the people of Cameroon as much as they can.

Gilles Wafo-Tapa is currently president of this humanitarian association, which works in 3 main areas:

  • Access to drinking water for the local population
  • Health care
  • Education

There are now more than 30 years that Échanges France Cameroun has been working to help the people of Cameroon as much as possible. In terms of access to drinking water, the association has been involved in the creation of several wells since 1999. Since 2022, the association has also been using an ORISA® water purifier produced by Fonto de vivo.

  • Drinking water well dug in the village of Djebem in Bandjoun

  • Well construction campaign in Cameroon between 2004 and 2006

  • Well construction campaign in Cameroon between 2004 and 2006

  • A mini-dam built at Donakrivin

  • Drilling a well in the village of Kaffam

  • Water and electricity supply project at the Djiogo health centre

The Semto health centre helped by Échanges France Cameroun

Work at the Semto health centre

ORISA® purifier to supply drinking water to patients in health centres

At the Semto health centre, an average of 25 to 30 patients are treated every day. They need to be provided with drinking water, which is why, since 2022, the association Échanges France Cameroun has helped to purchase an ORISA® water purifier to give the centre's patients access to drinking water. However, according to Gilles Wafo-Tapa, this is still not enough for the moment, and he believes that 4 of these purifiers are needed.

During his visit to Nantes, Gilles Wafo-Tapa gave us an interview, which you can find below, in which he talks about his association, the health centre, access to drinking water and ORISA®.

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Interview with Gilles Wafo-Tapa, Chairman of the association Échanges France Cameroun

"Access to water remains a major problem. We provide autonomy to people whether they are in emergency or humanitarian development situations".

David Monnier, former humanitarian, Chairman and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, is your point of contact for humanitarian programmes dedicated to access to clean water.

"Adapting filtration technologies to individual needs and making them affordable, to meet the social and environmental challenges of our time".

Anthony Cailleau, French representative for projects in Colombia, Managing Director and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, contact for development aid and international cooperation.