A tense situation around drinking water resources in Burkina Faso, in Djibo

Discreet deployment in complex situations for secure access to drinking water in Burkina Faso

Faced with the impossibility of carrying out repairs, the inaccessibility of water points, and the impossibility of using emergency water treatment systems due to the risk of vandalism, Solidarités International needed a water treatment solution that was discreet due to its small size, community-based, and could be made available at water points and instantaneously for use on demand.

In view of these requirements, Solidarités International called on Fonto de vivo to limit the deterioration in the population's health situation.

To meet these numerous logistical constraints, the NGO chose the ORISA® stand-alone water purifier, of which it purchased 500 units to meet the needs of displaced people: cooking food, giving animals something to drink, maintaining regular hygiene, keeping hydrated, etc. This easy-to-use, durable and effective water filtration solution is particularly well suited to the needs of these people. They have therefore developed a specific programme dedicated to the production of healthy water to limit water-borne diseases: trainers, awareness-raising campaigns, pumping points for day labourers, etc.

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The ORISA® purifier to produce healthy water instantly

As Pierre Brunet said in his article for Défis humanitaires, Humanitarian innovation put to the test in the field: the example of the Orisa water purifier, "Humanitarian action is about commitment and concrete responses, without which it is just words" and ORISA® is part of this approach. This high quality water purifier has been awarded full Protection *** by the WHO as part of its Home Water Treatment Technology Assessment Programme .

It offers a practical, effective solution for large-scale crisis situations such as Djibo. Ultra-compact, it can be transported by helicopter with less bulk than larger infrastructures or chlorine purification solutions.

The ORISA® water filter and its instant manual pumping system deliver a water flow rate of up to 180 litres per hour.

The lifespan of its membrane, estimated at 20,000 litres of filtered water before replacement, demonstrates the profitability and reliability of this equipment in humanitarian situations, both in emergencies and for development purposes.

Device to promote the production of healthy water for the people of Burkina Faso

This humanitarian programme is a perfect example of the problems faced by many populations, namely famine and the lack of drinking water, which undoubtedly leads to water-borne diseases. By water-borne diseases, we mean illnesses caused by drinking water of poor quality and dubious origin. Hepatitis E, for example, is a benign disease most of the time, but it often leads to serious complications. It can kill people if they don't have access to good food and, above all, clean water. Cholera also has an impact on health, particularly that of young children. With the help of ORISA®, it is possible to limit these diseases caused by the consumption of unsafe water.

Although the intervention in western Burkina Faso is not yet complete, there has already been an improvement in the state of health of both the displaced persons and the Solidarités International volunteers, and the spread of disease has been limited.

As Lise Florin, Water, Sanitation and Shelter Programme Coordinator for Solidarités International, points out, the ORISA® solution has been of great benefit to the people of Burkina Faso affected by this conflict and has helped to improve the health and living conditions of these men and women. From the ease of use (thanks to the tutorials provided by Fonto de vivo), to the rapid production of 100 litres per hour, equivalent to 4 days' needs for a "normal" family, not to mention the improvement in water quality, the purifiers offer numerous advantages.

A few weeks later, the Médecins Sans Frontières teams returned to the area to continue the distribution throughout the village. Given the large number of beneficiaries, this distribution lasted 3 days, still in the same format as the first intervention and the next.

973 ORISA® water purifiers, combined with the other elements contained in the kits, were deployed to meet the needs of the population, with a view to limiting water-borne diseases and consequently the rate of malnutrition.

"Access to water remains a major problem. We provide autonomy to people whether they are in emergency or humanitarian development situations".

David Monnier, former humanitarian, Chairman and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, is your point of contact for humanitarian programmes dedicated to access to clean water.

"Adapting filtration technologies to individual needs and making them affordable, to meet the social and environmental challenges of our time".

Anthony Cailleau, French representative for projects in Colombia, Managing Director and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, contact for development aid and international cooperation.