Deployment of 120 ORISA® Purifiers in Niger to contribute to Acted's global humanitarian impact

Acted is a humanitarian organisation currently present in more than 40 countries, deploying multidisciplinary teams to support several million people in crisis and poverty situations. The NGO is committed to innovation and contributing to humanitarian efforts on a global scale. In its programmes, it is actively involved in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. It is in this context that Acted has chosen to deploy 120 ORISA® water purifiers in Niger.

ORISA® purifiers, a crucial asset for access to water in emergency situations in Niger

A wise choice for humanitarian operations, according to Maindo Djuma Mangala

According to Maindo, the choice was the right one for a number of reasons. ORISA® purifiers offer a practical and rapid solution, without the logistical constraints often associated with other water treatment methods such as the use of chlorine tablets. Their portability and ease of maintenance make them particularly suited to the harsh environments encountered in humanitarian operations. However, the success of this initiative does not rest solely on the technology itself. Acted attaches particular importance to raising awareness and training the beneficiary populations, thus ensuring that ORISA® purifiers are used correctly and effectively. This approach helps to maximise the benefits of this innovative solution.

  • Demonstration of the ORISA® water purifier

  • Deployment of ORISA® water purifiers in a Nigerian family

  • ORISA® water purifier test

Encouraging feedback: Acted recommends ORISA® to improve access to water in Africa

Initial feedback from beneficiaries has been extremely encouraging, highlighting the ease of use and reliability of ORISA® purifiers. However, Acted also recognises the continuing challenges, such as the need for ongoing awareness-raising and training to ensure optimal use of the devices. On the strength of these initial successes, its infra-WASH technical coordinator strongly recommends the use of ORISA® purifiers in other contexts and countries where the needs are similar. This technology represents a pragmatic and effective response to the complex challenges of access to drinking water in Africa, illustrating Acted's commitment to finding innovative solutions to improve the lives of the most vulnerable communities.

"Access to water remains a major problem. We provide autonomy to people whether they are in emergency or humanitarian development situations".

David Monnier, former humanitarian, Chairman and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, is your point of contact for humanitarian programmes dedicated to access to clean water.

"Adapting filtration technologies to individual needs and making them affordable, to meet the social and environmental challenges of our time".

Anthony Cailleau, French representative for projects in Colombia, Managing Director and co-founder of Fonto de vivo, contact for development aid and international cooperation.