Origine France Garantie certifies the ORISA® purifier

Origine France Garantie - a label that recognises the French manufacture of ORISA®.

The ORISA® water purifier has been awarded the Origine France Garantie label by the Association Pro France. This certification highlights the quality and reliability of our innovation, which is needed by billions of people every day. Created in response to humanitarian emergencies and off-grid development in rural and urban areas, the ORISA® purifier is an instant water purification solution designed without programmed obsolescence. ORISA® filters out viruses, bacteria, suspended solids, micro-organisms and even micro-plastics to combat biological contamination and water-borne diseases.

ORISA®, a certified Origine France Garantie innovation for international humanitarian actors

From the outset, Fonto de vivo's French roots have been an important component. Our water treatment solution was co-developed in response to specifications drawn up with major NGOs, most of which are French or European and international in scope: Doctors without Borders, the French Red Cross, Solidarités International, Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Terre des Hommes Lausanne, Premières Urgences, etc. With their involvement, their contribution to workshops and their knowledge of the field, we have been able to develop a French solution adapted to providing access to healthy water for populations in need in the four corners of the globe.

French design and manufacture, a guarantee of quality and reliability

We approached French experts and partners to help us design the ORISA® water purifier. French know-how and the proximity of industrial plants in the Vendée is a major advantage for the quality manufacture of our water filter. That's why we've opted for regional design and production, to ensure synergy between our R&D and assembly partners. What's more, all our suppliers are based in France, so our customers and the users of our purifiers can be sure of the highest quality. This is reflected in ORISA®'s robustness, reliability and filtration performance, durability and user safety.

French manufacturing for access to healthy water worldwide

The ORISA® purifier went on sale at the beginning of 2021. A few months later, our innovation will be exported to nearly 40 countries in the four corners of the globe. Every day, 5,000 purifiers are used by the beneficiaries of humanitarian programmes run by NGOs that have placed their trust in us. In this way, thousands of families, hundreds of schoolchildren and teachers, and remote or disaster-stricken communities have safe access to quality water for drinking, eating and hygiene.