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ORISA® tools

The ORISA® tool kit consists of 3 tools (a dismantling hook, a torx spanner and a screwdriver with interchangeable bits) and a keying support to reduce the risk of error during reassembly. ORISA® ultrafiltration membranes can be replaced or repaired without risk of error.
  • System repair
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • Support for keying
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  • Dismantling

  • Reassembly

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Safe maintenance

In order to replace the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane, or carry out other repairs, it is necessary to obtain the specific ORISA® tools.

These consist of a dismantling hook and a keying support, which are highly recommended to ensure a good maintenance or repair experience. The keying support reduces the margin of error during dismantling and reassembly operations, in particular to avoid reversing the water inlet and outlet, which would compromise the safety of non-contamination between the water to be filtered and the water being filtered.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Are ORISA® tools essential for maintenance and repair?

    Yes, ORISA® tools are ideal for replacing the ORISA® ultrafiltration membrane or for carrying out repairs. In addition to conventional tools such as spanners or screwdrivers, ORISA® tools come with a keying support. This is highly functional as it reduces the margin of error when dismantling and reassembling. This means there is no risk of inverting water inlets and outlets, which would compromise the quality of your filtered water.

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