The Solar Impulse Foundation certifies the ORISA® water treatment solution

The Solar Impulse Foundation awards the Efficient Solution label to the ORISA® purifier

After his aviation exploits, 2 round-the-world flights in a balloon and then in a solar plane with Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard a launched the Solar Impulse Foundation in 2018. For him, it is a desire to act for the ecological transition. He wants to show that there are environmental and profitable solutions. Since the foundation was set up, more than 1,000 efficient solutions have been approved. Among them, the ORISA® water purifier provides an autonomous and sustainable tool for achieving Goal 6 of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals.

A label supporting the environmental performance of its solutions

Convinced that the ecological transition is not in contradiction with economic development, the foundation supports sustainable and profitable solutions. But Bertrand Piccard has no intention of labelling solutions whose environmental prowess stems from a marketing approach. The "Efficient solutions" label is therefore subject to a strict assessment based on 3 criteria. Sustainability and profitability drive the labelling process, which is carried out by independent experts.

The Solar Impulse Foundation and its founder want to show decision-makers the innovations that perfectly combine the environment and growth. "Today, there are thousands of solutions capable of stimulating economic growth while preserving nature, but they remain unknown to decision-makers. They remain unknown to decision-makers". Dr. Bertrand Piccard, Founder and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation.

ORISA® an impact tool for sustainable access to water

Serving the Sustainable Development Goals

To achieve its ambitions, the Solar Impulse Foundation is taking action in support of the United Nations SDGs. These include "Clean water and sanitation", "Clean energy", "Industry, innovation and infrastructure", "Sustainable cities and communities" and "Responsible consumption and production". By labelling the ORISA® water filter an "Efficient solution", the Solar Impulse Foundation is supporting a sustainable tool for Goal 6 of the SDGs.

A long-lasting water purifier

This label rewards the 3 years of R&D needed to develop our water treatment solution with the technical support of major French and international NGOs. Fonto de vivo's strong desire to combine the best economic, logistical and environmental performance in response to the needs of local populations.

  • Technical design to ensure system durability
  • French hollow fibre membrane for high filtration performance
  • French manufacturing to guarantee the quality of our purifiers

"Our ambition has always been to combine the best economic, logistical and environmental performance in response to the needs of populations and humanitarian actors. This label is a reward for the 3 years of R&D needed to develop our sustainable water treatment solution, with the technical support of French and international NGOs," says David Monnier, co-founder and Chairman of Fonto de vivo.

The Solar Impulse Foundation and its "Efficient solution" label encourage the autonomy and dignity of local communities


Our knowledge of humanitarian aid and the needs of NGOs to help populations led us to design a self-sufficient and sustainable system. People who do not have safe access to quality water often face other difficulties. Access to energy and hygiene solutions are also daily concerns. That's why ORISA® works manually. It provides families with purified water for their daily needs. The water is treated by an ultrafiltration membrane that purifies surface water. The backwashing system makes filter maintenance quick and easy, in just a few seconds. This innovation extends the lifespan of our patented solution.

"The "Efficient Solution" label highlights the positive impact of our purifiers, distributed in over 25 countries, on the quality of life of our customers. This is a key element in our innovation process, for which we have focused all our attention on the use of our water filter by beneficiaries," stresses Anthony Cailleau, co-founder and Managing Director.s