An unprecedented collaboration between two French companies committed to a sustainable world

Espace Emeraude and Fonto de vivo provide everything you need to help you live independently! Sharing the same values of humanism, quality and usefulness, we want to support the needs of the rural world through sustainable solutions. Espace Emeraude is a brand specialising in garden and home equipment that has been helping people to build sustainable homes for over 40 years. Fonto de vivo, a French company specialising in autonomous water filtration, empowers each and every one of us to be resilient in the face of the water crisis.

The ORISA® water purifier in Espace Emeraude stores

United around shared ambitions, reliable, easy-to-use ORISA® water treatment equipment is available in a selection of Espace Emeraude shops, among the brand's 80 outlets.

Quality solutions for freshwater filtration

Manufactured in France, ORISA® water treatment equipment features a high-performance French ultrafiltration membrane. Thanks to the ORISA® autonomous and sustainable purifier, each and every one of us can enjoy healthy water and limit the systematic use of drinking water to meet our various needs: drinking, preparing food, washing our hands, brushing our teeth, etc. Living in the countryside is a state of mind that combines usefulness and autonomy. That's why Espace Emeraude and Fonto de vivo are committed to do-it-yourself, repairability and sustainability. In this spirit, ORISA® equipment offers a sustainable water treatment solution. Spare parts and maintenance operations can be carried out independently by users.

Water treatment equipment in shops

To meet the needs of its customers, Espace Emeraude is offering the ORISA® purifier with its remote strainer and ultrafiltration membrane maintenance kit to replace the filter cartridge in its shops in St Sulpice sur Risle, St Gildas des bois and St Hilaire de Chaléons. The remote strainer is an accessory that allows water to be sucked up to 2.5 metres away. The strainer can therefore be placed in a water tank or a freshwater source such as a river or pond. This means that the purifier does not have to be immersed in water in the event of specific installation or filtration conditions. The ORISA® purifier is a durable, repairable piece of equipment whose ultrafiltration membrane, with a capacity of around 20,000 litres of water, can be replaced up to 4 times. Users can therefore filter a total quantity of up to 100,000 L of water.

A commitment to rural areas

Close to its customers living mainly in rural areas, Espace Emeraude is strengthening its commitment to "My earth, my home for a long time to come" with solutions to help them become more self-sufficient both at home and in the garden. ORISA® equipment can be found alongside solutions for recovering, managing and filtering water, such as tanks, rainwater harvesters, fountains, connectors, etc. Being more self-sufficient in water means preserving this precious resource for humans and living more responsibly for the planet.