ESATCO, what is it?

ESATCO Atlantique has been a player in the social economy for over 60 years. Its experience in the sheltered work sector is a benchmark, with numerous partner companies, local authorities and associations in the département. ESATCO Atlantique's 12 Esats offer tailor-made services, provided by qualified and trained professionals with disabilities. The mission of an Esat (establishment and service for support through work) is to promote the professional integration of people with disabilities. Esat workers benefit from: work adapted to their professional project; personalised medical and social support, in response to their needs; individual or group technical training; support towards the mainstream workplace. ESATCO Atlantique currently employs 1,360 disabled professionals in 11 different professions.

Products from the ORISA® range assembled by an ESAT

Since November 2023, Fonto de vivo has chosen to delegate the assembly of various products in the ORISA® range to ESATCO:

In addition, the collaboration has recently intensified with the delegation of the vacuum bagging of ORISA® ultrafiltration membranes. In the future, ESAT will also take care of the assembly of remote prefiltration units.

  • ORISA® tools

  • ORISA® spare parts pack

  • ORISA® tap connection

Fonto de vivo and ESATCO: a partnership that makes sense

At Fonto de vivo, the social aspect is an important factor. We are committed to making access to healthy water a universal reality. Our water filtration equipment is produced in France and the ORISA® water purifier is certified Origine France Garantie. So, in line with our corporate values, we have chosen to work in partnership with an ESAT for a number of reasons, whether social, professional or human:

Firstly, working with an ESAT promotes the social inclusion of people with disabilities by offering them opportunities to work and participate in active life. What's more, ESAT workers often benefit from appropriate supervision and support, which can translate into a high level of skill and quality in their work. Finally, by working with an ESAT in our region, we can contribute to local social and economic development.